Taiberson Salvages an Equalizer at the Death for RGVFC

San Antonio FC gained the lead in the 3rd minute, but were unable to hold off the stoppage time barrage from the Toros

Photo Credit: Christian Inoferio/RGVFC

Edinburg, TX – RGVFC earned their first point of the 2020 season in a nerve-wracking South Texas Derby tonight at H-E-B Park.

Unlike other derby matches, this match would feel different as no fans would be present at the stadium due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

In fact, this match was postponed from it’s original date on Friday due to a positive result from a “covered person” within the RGVFC bubble.

“We are accustomed to having our fans and being really riled up. Obviously after the difficult week we’ve had, I just know that the guys have a lot of personality to come back to.”

Gerson Echeverry
RGVFC head coach

San Antonio FC wasted no time in the match and scored the opening goal in the third minute.

Looking to catch the Toros defense off guard, Mitchell Taintor sends a long pass that is deflected by Luis Solignac towards Cristian Parano.

Parano reaches the ball before Robert Coronado, who attempts to push the young Argentinian to the ground, but Parano keeps his balance and sends his shot between the legs of Paul Blanchette.

“This is something that we talked about before the game. The ball over top, not just winning the first ball but also being aware of, if we don’t win the first ball, where is the second ball going? So, we just need to be more focused and more aware. That comes down to defensive shape and we need to be tucked in together as the back four. Caste (Robert Castellanos) goes up to win the ball, the three of us slide behind and cover. I don’t think we were quick enough to do that.”

Carter Manley
RGVFC defender

San Antonio continued to dominate the match throughout the first half with the high pressure, forcing RGVFC to miss their passes and regain possession of the ball quickly from them.

However, Taiberson Nunes had the opportunity to equalize the game in the 29th minute, but the post denied his curling shot the opportunity to go inside the net.

In the second half, the Toros looked crisper on the attacking buildup with the inclusion of Isidro Martinez in the midfield.

In the 48th minute, Taiberson was denied another opportunity to score, this time his shot was saved by Dayne St. Clair.

As the second half went on, the fitness of the San Antonio squad drastically fell and the Toros were hoping to capitalize and provide pressure on St. Clair‘s goal.

In the 57th minute, Isidro Martinez executed a direct free kick that hit the post again, but the Toros continued to exert pressure on San Antonio.

During stoppage time of the second half, and with the team still trailing, the Toros offense created multiple clear scoring opportunities, many of them cleared off the line by St. Clair or a San Antonio FC defender.

It was not until the 94th minute, when the Toros finally found the equalizer.

Just like he did in the first half, Taiberson receives a cleared ball out on the right wing, and enabled by the weak pressure of Hunter Gorskie, sends a curling shot that gets past Dayne St. Clair and into the net.

“He scores those in practice all the time. So, for us it wasn’t a surprise. As soon as he got it, we were like okay, this has a chance. I don’t know if you recall that in the first half, he hit the post in the simplest shot.”

Gerson Echeverry
RGVFC head coach

With this point, RGVFC are still last in Group D of the USL Championship and look toward a quick turnaround as they travel to Oklahoma City to take on OKC Energy on Wednesday. You can stream the match on ESPN+.

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