RGVFC Fall to San Antonio FC In Second South Texas Derby of the Season

A defensive mistake in transition leads to a Gonzalo Di Renzo goal to hand SAFC a 1-0 victory

Photo Credit: Darren Abate/USL Championship

San Antonio, Tx – Tonight, RGVFC culminated a difficult week with a 1-0 loss at San Antonio FC.

RGVFC spent most of the first half absorbing San Antonio FC‘s attacks, but like last week at home, the Toros were unable to maintain their own possession.

The Toros game plan was suddenly disrupted with an injury to Taiberson Nunes in the 30th minute. Coach Gerson Echeverry was forced to make a substitution replacing Taiberson with Christian Lucatero.

San Antonio FC struggled to break past the RGVFC defense, but a childish error in the back opened the door for the home team at the 60th minute.

Isidro Martinez receives the ball in the midfield, but the tight pressure but two San Antonio midfielders forced the ball away from him, placing the Toros defense in an awkward situation.

Cristian Parano wins the ball and evades Chelo‘s attempt to win the ball back. With Robert Coronado caught upfield, Gonzalo Di Renzo was left unmarked on the right side of the field.

Di Renzo dribbles the ball into the 18 yard box and makes a weak shot straight to Paul Blanchette, but the ball bounces off his legs and into the goal.

RGVFC attempted to bounce back with the substitutions of Garrett McLaughlin and Kembo Kibato in the 67th minute.

Not long after the substitution, the Toros had a clear chance of goal. Garrett McLaughlin sent a cross towards Kevin Rodriguez, but his header went wide off of Dayne St. Clair‘s goal.

In the end, San Antonio FC were able to hang on to the lead, leaving RGVFC at the bottom of the table in Group D with only 2 points and one-third of the tournament gone for them. This result would also equalize the Toros‘ worst start in 5 games of franchise history.

They return to H-E-B Park on August 1st to host FC Tulsa. Kick off will be at 8pm and will be broadcasted on ESPN+ and channel 5.2 Somos el Valle.

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