S3 Ep 3: A Learning Experience

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In this episode, Jacob Young and Edson Ochoa discuss the preseason match between RGVFC and the Houston Dynamo. The Space City team, lead by Tab Ramos defeated the Toros 5-0 at H-E-B Park. How did the team perform against their parent club and what kind of experience did they learn?

Also, we discuss the moment of camaraderie between the Stampede and El Batallon, one of the Houston Dynamo‘s supporter groups. We analyze how such a simple gesture can have a hugely positive effect on relations between both teams.

Another topic in this show is the invitation of 4 Toros players to the Houston Dynamo for the Visit Tucson Sun Cup. How can this be a positive decision for the players and the squad as they prepare for the 2020 USL Championship season?

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