Houston Dynamo’s Agus Waived From Roster

The Spanish defender, who came to the Dynamo from Albacete in 2016, had only played 8 games with Houston.

By: Edson J. Ochoa | @EOchoa_8 & @CargaNaranjaRGV

Something is cooking in the Houston Dynamo Front Office. After news broke out that Matt Jordan, the Dynamo’s General Manager, is currently on a scouting trip in Argentina, Houston Dynamo announced that they have decided to waive central defender Agus from their roster.

Agus, who had been transferred to Houston from Albacete in January 2016 on a free transfer, had only managed to play 8 games for the Dynamo due to a hamstring injury. With Machado, AJ De La Garza, Kevin Garcia, and Leonardo all fighting for the starter role in the centerback position, keeping Agus in the squad would be a waste of an international roster spot which could be used to strengthen another position in the roster. 

The MLS Transfer Window reopens in July. Could this be a sign that the Dynamo will finally aquire a #10 player, or something better? 

Photo Credit: Houston Dynamo

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